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It’s Beyond Me!

Book with heartDo you have times when your mind is stretched…and stretched? That’s been my experience these past few days. I’ve been reading a couple of books that are way beyond me—books about topics for which I have no educational background, written by people who are at a whole different level of intelligence than I am. But despite that, they were well worth the effort. To be honest, there was a lot I didn’t get, but I got enough to be totally in awe of God.

The first book was There is a God by Anthony Flew who for many years was a strong voice as an atheist scientist. As more became known about DNA and RNA, Dr. Flew became convinced that the evidence clearly indicated Intelligent Design. His reversal stunned the scientific world.

The second was Signature in the Cell by Stephen Meyer which documents his research into the popular theories held regarding the origin of life. His studies revealed the fallacies (and in many cases the absurdity) of these and convinced him of the valid scientific argument for Intelligent Design.

I didn’t need these books to settle my belief in God as the Creator. For me, you just need to look around (with or without a scientific background) to see evidence everywhere. Without a knowledge of DNA and RNA, David declared that we are, “fearfully and wonderfully made.” (Psalm 139:14) And David was right!

But what these books did for me was to stretch my understanding of the great and unfathomable mind of God. What we see of God’s creation is amazing enough to bring us to our knees in worship, but what is unseen to the natural eye is even greater cause to bow. I find my heart echoing David’s words in Psalm 139:6: “Such knowledge is too wonderful for me, too lofty for me to attain.”

I recently made this comment when speaking to a women’s group: “We are only impressed with the privilege of walking and talking with God to the degree that we are impressed with God.” These books have made me so much more aware of the privilege of having a personal relationship with God—with the Creator whose mind is beyond my comprehension, but whose love invites me to a personal and close relationship with Him.

I am not necessarily smarter because I read those books (I certainly didn’t feel smart while reading them!), but I am so grateful to know this amazing Creator personally. What a privilege to be His!

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