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A Gift for the Magi

18 December 2013

Our son Sam images (1)was asked to play the Christ child in the Christmas program years ago. Most scholars believe that the wise men came later, when Mary and Joseph were in a home and Jesus was a toddler, so the church decided to depict it that way. The scene was simple – rough wooden walls, a simple table with a bowl of fruit on it, and Mary and Joseph sitting quietly with real life toddler Sam as Jesus. Sam looked up wide-eyed as the wise men arrived, then grinned when he recognized one of them as his older brother. The first of the magi knelt in worship and presented Sam (the Christ child) with a gift. Sam took it, and then quietly reached up on the table and offered his guest a piece of fruit. This unrehearsed response on Sam’s part was repeated for each of the wise men. They came bearing gifts, but left with a gift given in return.

What a picture of true worship. Like the magi, we come to worship. Sometimes it’s a difficult and long journey from our own heartaches or problems, from difficult circumstances and disappointments, but we choose to come – to make the journey, to bow before our Savior, and to offer him the gift of our worship. And always, when genuine worship takes place, we come away with a gift that Christ gives in return. It may be peace that is needed for a hardship, joy that’s been lacking because of stress and busyness, but whatever the gift, it has been chosen by Christ just for us.

I trust that you’ll take time this season to “come and worship.” The journey is always worth it. And as you offer the gift of worship to the One who alone is worthy, He will bless you with a gift in return!

Have a wonderful and worshipful Christmas!


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