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An Endless Journey

13 February 2014

farmroadI love the vastness of God. He has no edges – no boundaries or borders. There is no limit to Him. We can know Him (how amazing!), but we can never know all of Him. What we know about God – His power, His holiness, His majesty – is enough to bring us to our knees in humble adoration and worship. But what brings us absolutely prostrate before Him is all that remains mysterious and unknown.

There are aspects of God that are incomprehensible – beyond our finite ability to grasp. And that’s part of the joy of the journey. There’s no end – no point at which we’ve arrived and can claim full understanding of God. It’s an endless and soul-satisfying quest. To know God is to love and worship Him. To love and worship Him is to long to know Him better. And so goes this glorious and ever-deepening journey – with no end in sight!




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  1. Bridgette Coleman

    I so agree, Mom. Thank you for reminding me of the beauty of this journey we’re on. Love you!

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