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31 January 2015

As I child I was told that “selah” meant “stop and think about it.” By that definition, I found a “selah” verse this morning – one that needs time to just sit and absorb the depth of meaning and significance it has for daily life.

The words of this verse were definitely God’s voice to me this morning and so I used it for one of my radio blogs. I’ve never done this before, but I’m going to just post the script from my radio blog below (or you can go to “Radio Blogs” to hear it). I trust that you can take a moment – a “selah” – to allow God’s Word to encourage your heart as it did mine.


I’ve had some discouraging days recently, and not without reason. Scripture tells us many times to not be discouraged, but I was having a hard time climbing out of this one. But, as always, God doesn’t tell us to do something without helping us, and I found my help, once again, in His Word.

Listen to the words of 2 Corinthians 9:8:  “And God is able…” Those words alone bring hope. God IS able – no matter what we face, no matter how difficult the circumstances, no matter how hopeless things appear – God is able! But the verse goes on to give us the specifics of what God is able to do. He is able to make all grace abound to us. All grace – not a limited supply that will run out while we still need it, but more than enough…and He’ll make it abound to us. I love that word. The dictionary says that it means “to be present in great quantity.”

And then God gives us the reason for that outpouring of grace. It’s so that in ALL things, and at ALL times, having ALL that we need, we can abound (there’s that word again) in EVERY good work. There is just nothing half-hearted about this verse. We have an abundance of grace for all that we need in any and every situation.

My response to that was to realize that I was without excuse. These words (God’s words) had pulled the rug of discouragement right out from under my feet and placed them solidly on His promise of grace sufficient for my situation – for my needs.  And it is for yours also.



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