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Esther lives in Millmont, PA with her husband Peter. Their own personal nest is now empty with the exception of Peter’s mother who is 97 and suffering from Alzheimers. Esther is her care-giver. Peter and Esther share 9 children and 22 of the cutest and smartest grandchildren ever.

For many years Esther has been privileged to share the things of God through speaking at retreats and conferences. She is now expanding that ministry through her writing. You can contact Esther at: lovejoy988@aol.com.

Esther can now be heard on WPGM/WBGM FM. Listen live on WPGM/WBGM or click on the page “Radio Blogs” to listen anytime.




Esther is the author of The Sweet Side of Suffering (Discovery House), and a contributing author to Inspired by Tozer (Regal Books). A Study Guide is now available for The Sweet Side of Suffering. For more information, check the page “Esther’s Books”





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If you are interested in being notified when this blog is updated you can contact Esther at: lovejoy988@aol.com.


For speaking opportunities, contact Esther at lovejoy988@aol.com



17 Comments to “About Esther”

  1. Oh I love it!! You are so gifted with words. What a beautiful poem about the sparrow’s home. Once again, you have blessed me, dear friend.

  2. I love your Blog. I was checking to see if you were on line & ran across you! This is great!!

  3. Thanks for the wonderful insights! You have such a gift with words and I know God has and is using you to encourage others, (like myself).

  4. This is great Aunt Esther..such a great way with words…hope the book comes out soon!!! love you.

  5. Esther, I just stumbled on your blog…I know it’s a God thing!…and so appreciate your words. I love your poem about the sparrow. Beautiful! I look forward to dropping in here often.

  6. Congrats! Can’t wait to read it. See you at Delta.

  7. Thanks so much. It truly is a testimony of God’s goodness! Look forward to seeing you at Delta. You need to come and see our “new” place. Another testimony of God’s goodness!

  8. Esther, what a wonderful surprise to find you on FB then to read your blog. You have a great way with words, and I can’t
    wait to read your book. Aunt Flo

  9. I am excited to read your book. I always loved you as a speaker at our Women’s Retreats when we were in Franklinville. You are a sweet sister in the Lord.

  10. I have such wonderful memories of our times together and the Franklinville Retreats. Thanks for sharing your church women with me. What made those times special was God’s presence. We were blessed!

  11. Esther, What a blessing you are for Peter and his
    mother. God bless You
    Stacy Nix

  12. Thank you, Stacy. She remains cheerful which really helps.

  13. Marylou Standford

    Esther, I cannot wait to receive your book. I know of some of your sufferings, and you have been a Godly Example and Inspiration to me, a fellow sufferer over the past years. Thank You Esther for writing a book that I know God will use to Help and Bless others.

  14. […] there a bittersweet side to suffering?  Conference speaker, pastor’s wife, and author Esther Lovejoy had a rich full life until she lost her marriage of 30 years, and her business and home, and was […]

  15. Dear Mrs. Lovejoy,

    I have recently read your book The Sweet side of Suffering. The book was of help to me. It comforted me and uplifted me.

    Joyce Daunt.

  16. Joyce,

    I am so thankful that the Lord used the book to encourage your heart. That’s my contunual prayer. Thank you so much for letting me know.

  17. Guillermo Martinez

    Im reading your book. The book is wonderful. I also lose my marriege and re-marriage. Now I have a wonderful wife, but sometime am have a hard time forgiving myself, because my high standard in the divorce view on the Bible. I really like your testimony is inspiratinal and helpful to me… Thanks

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