*Don’t wait until you find time to pray; make time to pray.

*Lord, when I pray, may I not be so focused on my list that I forget to look up and see Your face.

*Never assume that what God asks you to sacrifice is an Isaac.

*To have holiness apart from the Cross is to have a sentimental substitute.

*Worship is not a mood, it’s a choice.

*We come to God in prayer with the confidence of a child, and He answers with the wisdom of a Father.

*We will accomplish more through prayer with a listening heart than with a list.

*You can’t feel the breath of God from a distance.

*Faith is to endure the disciplines and hardships of this spiritual journey with only an occasional glimpse at the glory that awaits us.

*Christianity is deeply profound, but not at all complicated.

*The longer I know God, the more convinced I am that He can do great and wondrous things, and the less concerned I am when He doesn’t.

*True faith is not being certain of what God will do, but being certain that whatever He does is right and best.

*Satan loves to cushion his lies with a soft covering of truth.

*We can chose whether suffering will master us or make us.

*Faith is to assume that God is who He says He is, and will do what He says He will do.

*There is a child-likeness about true faith.

*If you can describe God, you don’t know Him.

*At Calvary, God chose not to display His power so that He could demonstrate His love.

*Prayer has a learning curve that lasts a lifetime.

*Sadly, prayers are more often born out of urgency than intimacy.

*Trying to figure God out is a waste of time; getting to know Him never is. (KathyB)

*True humility comes from higher thoughts of God, not from lesser thoughts of me.

*Faith allows for times when it appears that God is doing nothing. (PDL)

*We know enough about God to trust Him for what we don’t know about Him.

*Christ’s resurrection is the exclamation point on the plan of salvation!


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  1. Esther, I really enjoy this site.

  2. What a wonderful surprise! Had a special week-end with the women from Kenmore – many precious memories, and some new ones made this week-end. God is good!!

  3. I have read your book “the sweet side of suffering”. Chapter 4 made me sob. I realized that I needed to surrender to God not just resign myself (my husband left me in December). Thank you for sharing your story. I know God will use me even during these dark times.

  4. It is my continual prayer that God will add His voice to the words of the book. I am so thankful that He did that for you. I will be praying!

  5. I just keep learning from you.

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